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The conversion of the former 170-year-old Becherovka factory in 2012 created a unique space in the very centre of Karlovy Vary. Its appearance evokes the atmosphere of an ancient square from the 19th century. Among other things, you will find the Becherplatz restaurant with the Karel IV brewery and the Becherplatz café, all with original concepts. Where Becherovka has matured over the past few decades, gastronomy is being created today. Much of the original cellar equipment has been used in these premises. Inside, you will find many elements made of wood and old barrels. You can warm up by the heating system, for which stainless steel pipes from Becherovka have been used. The whole restaurant makes clever use of the original spaces.

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Museum Becherovka

V areálu Becherplatzu je hojně navštěvované museum Becherovky. Návštěvnické centrum Becherovky má nový vizuál.

The newly renovated Becherovka Visitor Centre is located in Karlovy Vary, the birthplace of our traditional herbal liqueur. The historic “Steinberky” building was built by Jan Becher in 1867 and served as the original factory for more than 100 years. In the visitor centre you have the opportunity to see historic bottles of Becherovka and unique items that belonged to the Becher family, such as recipe books, awards from exhibitions, account books and many other exhibits. The interactive part of the exhibition will allow you to see and smell the herbs and spices used to make Becherovka; taste the Karlovy Vary water used to make it and, with the help of VR glasses, find yourself right on the bottling line. Get to know Becherovka and have a great experience in our new visitor centre with the remarkable history and heritage of Becherovka, its unique production process, the mystery surrounding the famous recipe and a final tasting of products from the Jan Becher portfolio.

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