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“The best gift is to make someone happy."

In addition to finding great inspiration at our souvenir shop, you will be attended by our complaisant shop assistants who are ready to help you with selecting the ideal gift for your family or friends. Everyone will find the perfect gift that will make them or someone else very happy.

Be sure not to miss the following gifts and souvenirs:

  • Souvenirs that will remind you of your visit to BECHERPLATZ.
  • Traditional souvenirs from Karlovy Vary covered with hot-spring tufa...
  • Untraditional Karel IV beer salt and beer cosmetic products
  • A wide selection of Dead Sea products
  • Candles, cups, glasses and many other gift items that will remind you of your visit to Karlovy Vary.

If you do not visit BECHERPLATZ, it is like you have never been to Karlovy Vary. So bring a souvenir to prove that you have really been to Karlovy Vary!

Whether you are a passionate collector or simply want to enjoy a glass of beer at home, the original Karel IV beer glass is perfect for you.
You may browse through the entire assortment in our e-shop.

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