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Jan Becher’s Shop

BECHERPLATZ is situated on the premises where the famous Becherovka herbal liqueur was made and where it aged in old barrels for almost 200 years. The place is inseparably tied to herbal liqueur, which continues to captivate gourmets with its quality and exquisite flavour. The shop is located in the square and offers everything connected to the famed herbal liqueur. Simply follow the specific aroma of the traditional liqueur from Karlovy Vary to discover the world associated with the name of Jan Becher.

Jan Becher's Shop offers:

  • Traditional Becherovka liqueur in various shapes and volumes
  • Cordial, Becherovka Lemond or Aperitiv KV 14
  • Many special editions of Becherovka from Karlovy Vary
  • Traditional Becherovka gifts and souvenirs
  • A place filled with the unmistakable aroma

There have been twelve curative springs in Karlovy Vary since the times of King Charles IV. Visit the place where the 13th spring, Becherovka, rose to the ground two centuries ago!

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Becherplatz Apartments

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