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Jan Becher Museum

BECHERPLATZ is the gateway to the Jan Becher Museum. Once you enter, you will be instantly captivated by the unmistakable aroma of the well-known Czech herbal liqueur. The museum expositions will take you through the more than 200-year-old history of Becherovka. You will discover the secrets of its production. You will familiarize with the produce of the world-famous distillery and with the items that were or are used in the production process. You may also watch a unique film made for Becherovka by the Caban brothers, and you will naturally have a chance to taste the 13th spring of Karlovy Vary that rose to the ground right here many centuries ago.

You may finish your tour at Jan Becher's Shop where, in addition to the liqueurs produced by the distillery, you may also buy numerous items and souvenirs with the Jan Becher logo that will remind you of your visit.

Tours are organized for groups and individuals in four languages (Czech, German, English and Russian). You may reserve your tour in advance at the telephone number: +420 359 578 142, or by e-mail: vstupenky@jan-becher.com.

Contact Information:

T.G.M. 57, Karlovy Vary
tel.: +420 359 578 142
e-mail: vstupenky@jan-becher.com
web: www.becherovka.cz

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