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Charles IV Brewery

“...I saw how thirsty you were and so I returned”

The Charles IV Brewery, which continues in the long brewing tradition of Karlovy Vary, is a part of the BECHERPLATZ restaurant. The tradition began in 1370 when the King of Bohemia and Roman Emperor Charles IV bestowed the privileges of a free royal town upon Karlovy Vary along with the right to brew beer. The long tradition was disrupted for 13 years when the Charles IV Brewery had closed down the plant in Sokolovská Street in the district of Rybáře in 1999.

The brewing of the beer bearing the label of Karel IV (Charles IV) began once again in the cellars of BECHERPLATZ and you may enjoy the traditional beer of Karlovy Vary at the restaurant, or buy it at the shop, which also offers other Karel IV beer merchandise.
The Charles IV Brewery produces:

  • Karel IV, light lager (11°) – pilsner type beer, unfiltered and unpasteurized, brewed from Moravian malt and Bohemian hop.
  • Karel IV, semi-dark lager (12°) – amber-colour beer, unfiltered and unpasteurized, with a delicate bitter aftertaste. It is brewed from four kinds of malt that add a slight nutty flavour to the beer.
  • Karel IV, dark special (13°) – stronger dark beer brewed from four kinds of malt with a large proportion of colour malts that add coffee flavour to the beer.
  • Karel IV, special (15°) – stronger stout beer with well-balanced bitterness and longer aging time.
  • Karel IV, wheat lager (12°) – top-fermented beer with a slightly sour and refreshing banana flavour.

You can tell a good beer after the first gulp. King Charles IV knew that centuries ago. Come and enjoy your first (but not last) gulp.
Whether you are a passionate collector or simply want to enjoy a glass of beer at home, the original Karel IV beer glass is perfect for you.
You may browse through the entire assortment in our e-shop.

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