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„It was beer that turned thirst into a pleasant experience.“

Our beverage shop offers the complete assortment produced by the Charles IV Brewery. The mini brewery is a part of the old Bohemian BECHERPLATZ restaurant. Brewed since 2012, Karel IV beer has reintroduced the tradition of brewing to Karlovy Vary, which began in 1879 and was discontinued in 1999.

The beverage shop offers a wide variety of products associated with beer:

  • Light, semi-dark and dark beers
  • Herb and fruit beers
  • Special and wheat beers
  • Beer cosmetic products
  • Beer glasses, mats and T-shirts
  • As well as many other gift items from which Emperor Charles IV will look upon you.

Bring home with you a piece of history of Karlovy Vary that is imprinted in the delicious golden beverage brewed according to the original recipe!

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